Keeping the Spirit of Travel Alive

branding | social | video

In 2021, the world’s largest booking site came to us because they wanted to boost travel booking across several APAC regions. Collaborating with our Singapore office, we leveraged our knowledge of the region to produce a digital- and social-first campaign that sparked conversations about the future of travel and got people thinking about their next holiday.

Fronted by a group of TV stars, musicians, athletes, actors, and influencers, Booking Explorers celebrates travel as an innate human need – a fundamental experience that has the power to inform, empower, and change minds. We concepted, scripted, shot, and produced the campaign completely remotely, using a top-notch, global team that managed to pull it all off from their homes.

Throughout the entire process, the team at Ink were a steady hand, ensuring everything was coordinated in time for the local markets and ultimately, delivering a really impactful campaign filled with captivating content that really brought to life the essence of the story we were trying to tell.
Cassie-Anne Low, Alison+Partners